Total Feeds Inc

Total Feeds Inc

Many people know Total Feeds Inc. by their horse feed, Total Equine. Total feeds is formulated by Dr. R. Harry Anderson. First produced in 2000, Dr. Anderson used his 42 years of experience and endless research to produce Total Equine. Their feeds are made with unique combinations of ingredients and supplements to enhance the total health and performance of animals.

All of the animal feed made by Total Feeds is extruded. Extruded feed is becoming VERY POPULAR in the equine and livestock world. The process of extrusion is very unique and able to provide a new level of digestibility to animals which will be covered in an upcoming blog. Stay tuned! The results from feeding extruded feed are big! This coming from someone who has fed extruded feed and seen great transformations!

Total Feeds has a wide range of animal food. Here is a list of what they have to offer:
Total Equine
Total Bull
Total Canine
Total Goat (ask us to special order)
Total Lamb (ask us to special order)
Total Deer (ask us to special order)
Total People Plus
The Total Equine, Canine, Goat, Lamb, and Deer are fed as a complete feed.

The Total Bull is a total supplement for bucking bulls. This supplement helps control body temperature during heat stress and overall improves immunity of performing bovine.

Total People Plus is a multivitamin taken daily that comes with many success stories.

Coolhorse keeps Total Equine, Total Bull, Total People Plus, and Total Canine in-stock. The rest can be special ordered for anyone!