"Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me"- Equi-Spot on Fly Control


If you have not been outside lately we should inform you summer is here. Especially here in Texas. We know though that flies are everywhere from our home in Texas to our customers in the northern states and everywhere in between. Well not to brag but at Coolhorse you'll find a top notch selection of anti fly products that'll keep your horses protected all summer long! Go to our website click under the category of Horse Supplies Grooming & Healthcare For Your Horse then under Horse Health Type you will find 70 listed products under the category of Fly Control & Protection. Under our "best sellers" in this category you'll find "Farnam Equi-Spot, Spot on Fly Control."

You will read that it "Protects from flies, mosquitoes and ticks. Is water and sweat resistant, and Farnam Equi-Spot is best for pasture horses that you don't catch on a regular bases. It will keep the flies off for up to 2 weeks allowing you protect your horse from flies but not having to catch them everyday." The good news is you can buy it straight from us today with this link https://shop.coolhorse.com/store/product/8662102606 at a great price of $13.99! So say Shoo to all those flies and keep your horses healthy and happy this summer!