A Papaya a Day for Gastric Pain!


Did you know something so simple and CHEAP could help your horse’s stomach? Stomach Treat from Unilife is just that! Made 100% of papaya puree with no preservatives, additives or fillers. Papayas are a superfood rich in antioxidants and vital nutrients and minerals. On top of that papaya is GREAT for digestive functions in humans and animals.

Stomach Treat can be used for any stomach ailments your horse may have for example ulcer pain, diarrhea, cribbing, and stress. The enzyme papain found in papaya is what coats the stomach allowing it to promote digestion, decrease inflammation, and heal. A healed stomach will bring any horse’s appetite back up. Papaya also contains an enzyme called arginine which helps boost your horse’s blood flow during a quick sprint or for endurance.

Come by or shop online to get a bottle of this amazing treat your horse will thank you for!