From The Ground Up


As a horse owner, my personal goal is to care for my horse the best that I know how and to keep him as comfortable as I possibly can at all times. I like to start at the hoof… er… root… of the problem. Without a solid base, you simply can’t have a horse performing to the greatest of his abilities. Not only does keeping your horse sound save you money at the vet’s
office, but also at the jackpot, rodeo, team roping, etc. When your horse feels good, he performs at his best. Here are a few products here at Coolhorse that will hopefully keep your horse sound, and eventually put a little bit more money back in your pocket. Whether it be winning the short go or in the practice pen.
We’ve recently began carrying EasyCare boots here at Coolhorse. EasyCare provides a few different variations from your usual therapeutic boot. The EasyBoot Cloud is going to be a fairly basic boot, with a foam pad as your cushion in the bottom of the boot. This boot is designed to assist horses that have had laminitis, chronic abscesses, thin soles, or even just to have some relief from the jarring movements of the trailer. These boots are not meant to be left on your horse 24/7 but rather in a few spurts throughout the day. The boot does have a supportive tread so your horse doesn’t slip and slide every time he tries to move.
Another boot from EasyCare is the Easyboot Rx. The Rx has padding that is a little thinner than the Cloud. Overall however, the effects are the same.These boots will best assist your horses that are suffering from chronic lameness, navicular, founder, laminitis and other issues in their lower limbs. These boots also have tread as well (so again, your horse doesn’t slip and fall).
EasyCare makes another therapeutic boot called the EasyBoot Stratus. I personally think this is one of the coolest things on the market for lameness right now. The way the Stratus boots work is unlike anything else on the market today and can be changed as well as redesigned to work for your horse’s hoof. Each of his four boots can be completely different from the other’s. The Stratus boots come with a gel inserts that have holes in the bottom of them. They also come with rods to insert into said holes, in order to adjust where the support needs to be for that specific hoof.

Please Note: These boots are NOT intended for riding. And while Coolhorse (and EasyCare) stand behind our products, there isn’t much we can do when they are not used correctly.