Fly Control While Trailering


As summer is beginning, jackpots are too! Unfortunately fly season is well on its way into your barn. The easiest way to get rid of flies is by moving to Siberia, the other easiest way is to get ahead of the problem before it’s a problem. At Coolhorse, we have quite a few products to keep you and your horse comfortable throughout this fly season and hopefully fly seasons to come.

A personal favorite of mine are the “wearable” fly control that you can put on and leave on your horse. At Coolhorse we carry a few variations of this. We have the Python Insecticide Fly Strips that hook onto your horse’s halter, Defy the Fly Collars that go around your horse’s neck, and the Defy the Fly Leg Bands. Here’s why I like these as an option: when you’re traveling for hours upon hours, you can’t exactly be in the back of your trailer to spray your horses with fly spray. They stay on your horse and do the job that you don’t always have the opportunity to do. This could potentially save damage to your trailer and your horse’s legs from kicking and stomping. I don’t recommend the Python Insecticide Fly Strips for turnout. These strips only attach to the halter, and personally I am not a fan of leaving a horse unattended with a halter on. Again, that is a personal safety precaution and by no means do you have to have the same opinion as I.

Another one of my favorites is the Equi-Spot by Farnam. It’s super easy to use and lasts up to two weeks. It come in a simple and small pre-measured tube. You simply apply it to the points it tells you on the back of the box, and you are good to go! Something similar is SWAT that is by Farnam as well. It’s a good way to pinpoint sensitive spots on your horse to make sure he is as comfortable as you can make him.

Something else to think about while trailering, competing, or even while your horse is stalled is something as simple as how hot it is going to be and what you need to do to ensure your horse stays comfortable. When it is hot out, we all sweat in order to keep our bodies from overheating. Most water-based fly sprays will come off of your horse in this instance. Something you can do the ensure you don’t lose money on fly spray is to get an oil-based fly spray, or one that says it is sweat-resistant. An oil-based fly spray is going to cling to the hairs of your horse, until it wears off or is washed off.

Lucky for y’all, Coolhorse has some of the best options and (in my humble opinion) some of the most knowledgeable employees out there. So if you do have any questions, please don’t be afraid to email, call, live chat, or ask us questions in store. We are here to make your Coolhorse experience the absolute best it can be!