Fallon Taylor's Dynamic Edge Boots by Cactus


Dynamic Edge boots by Cactus offer the ultimate in support for your equine athlete. These boots are designed with "butterfly straps" that offer equal amounts of support for the inner and outer branch of the suspensory ligament. They are the only boots that offer two completely independent sling straps that pull from a fixed point on the front of the cannon bone.

They are made of an extremely dense foam that offers the ultimate in impact protection. Cactus has taken the guess work out of buying the correct size boots for your horse by providing a size chart on the back of the package. The packaging also gives easy to understand instructions for proper use of the boots.

The boots come in small, medium, large and extra large for the front and hind legs of your horse. You may choose from blue, red, black, white or turquoise. Place your order online today at Coolhorse.com.