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Ranch Hand Truck Accessories

Ranch Hand Truck Accessories has teamed up with Coolhorse in Amarillo, Texas, as a new dealer for their complete line of truck grille guards, front replacement bumpers, rear replacement bumpers, head ache racks and bed rails. Since 1986, Ranch Hand has been the leader and innovator of the aftermarket truck and SUV accessories in the U.S. Each product is custom designed to fit the particular year model and make for your truck or SUV including Ford, Dodge, Chevy, and Toyota.

Can this simple trick soothe lone equine travelers?

If your horse is not a loner, it's okay. Researchers at Nottingham Trent University in the UK have done experiments to find out how to soothe a horse forced to trailer solo. The team measured horse's vital signs as well as exhibitions of discomfort such as pawing, crying out, head tossing, and ignoring food. The answer that soothed nervous horses leading to a reduction all the expressions of a horse's discomfort was simple - a mirror. The mirrors calmed the nervous horses enough for them to spend less time fussing and fidgeting and more time eating or riding calmly in the trailer.