Trailers & Trucks

AC Outlet Circuit Tester for verification of proper wiring at Fairgrounds, Campsites and RV Places.

Less than $20.00, a few minutes and a couple of steps could possibly save you and your horse from serious injury or death from electrocution. The cause is typically faulty or improperly wired hookups we plug into whether it happens to be Fairgrounds, Campsite, RV Place or even a residents it needs to be checked. So before you plug-in to any outlet you should always check it first with an AC Outlet Circuit Tester , like this one from Prime Products.

Wireless Digital Observation System for Horse Trailers

If you have ever hauled a horse, you have asked yourself one question and that is “What was that?” It might have been in response to a noise, jerk or just strange movement. Wouldn't it be nice to look over and know that everything is OK or know if you need to stop? You can with the Voyager Wireless Digital Observation System. The Voyager system uses WiSight technology, so this digital wireless observation system far exceed the performance of any analog observation system on the market by digitally locking the Voyager camera to its monitor, eliminating interference from outside signals.