Leather Care Tips for Muddy Gear


Do you have to check your cattle out in the mud? Or maybe you have to get in that practice pen and it is just a little bit muddy. Then you know how muddy your saddle can get. The ground may not be very muddy but it looks like your horse rolled in the mud with the saddle on. Here are a few tips on how to clean your saddle.

Classic Kids Saddles from the makers of Martin Saddlery


Equibrand is jumping into the kid saddle arena! Classic Equine, Classic Ropes, Rattler Ropes, Martin Saddlery, and Cashel are all part of the Equibrand corporation. When industry leaders like this come out with a new line you can be sure that it will be top quality. Attention to detail and top-notch workmanship are hallmarks of this group.