Classic Kids Saddles from the makers of Martin Saddlery


Equibrand is jumping into the kid saddle arena! Classic Equine, Classic Ropes, Rattler Ropes, Martin Saddlery, and Cashel are all part of the Equibrand corporation. When industry leaders like this come out with a new line you can be sure that it will be top quality. Attention to detail and top-notch workmanship are hallmarks of this group.

Buying & Selling Trophy Saddles

Trophy saddles and how to value them

Questions about trophy saddle values are common at Coolhorse. Some people love 'em, while others would rather leave 'em.

Martin Saddlery Revolutionizes The Barrel Racing Horse Industry With Their Saddles


All barrel saddles are made with a higher cantle that is supposed to sit you deep on your pockets to stabilize your seat, flexible fenders so that you can easily ride with your feet forward and swells made tall enough to grip between your legs. But what about those riders who want to ride with shorter stirrups and still have their feet out in front of them? The new FX3 Martin Saddlery Barrel Racer is designed to do just that. The new taller swells with prominent leg cuts, allows the rider to be positioned back and secure while keeping the knees forward.