What should I do with this damaged saddle horn?


We recently received this great question on one of our eBay listings:

Dear coolhorse04,

Would you need to re-build up the horn on this saddle if you wanted to actively rope (Heel?) . Just curious as to what would be needed to build up the horn. thanks!

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Our saddle expert, Troy McDonald, had this answer:


Parts Of A Western Saddle


There are many parts to a western saddle.Do you know all the parts of a western saddle? This is going to cover the parts of a western saddle very briefly. Lets start with the tree of the saddle, think of it as the frame. The tree will play into affect on the shape of the cantle and the seat of the saddle.The gullet width and angle of the bars on each saddle will be different. If a saddle has a wide gullet it is going to sit lower on a horse. A wider gullet will help if the horse does not have much wither or if they are thick across their top line.

Always Styling In A Double J Brittany Pozzi Barrel Saddle! We Have Them At Coolhorse!


Brittany Pozzi and Double J Saddlery have barrel racers covered with the design of the Brittany Pozzi Barrel Saddle. Brittany has a very successful barrel racing background starting back in 2002 winning the Texas state high school championship and she was the CPRA rookie of the year. Her first NFR was back in 2003. This is also the year Brittany and Double J worked together getting a saddle for her horse Leroy.

Bob Marrs: Legendary Saddle Maker


Bob Marrs didn’t start out making saddles; before he started making saddles he was a working cowboy in the 1940’s and 1950’s. He worked at some well know ranches; such as the Mashed O near Muleshoe, Waggoner Ranch in Vernon and even out in Arizona on the 3V. Marrs also served in the Army. While at the Waggoner Ranch his boss gave him nights off to tend a G.I leather making school. The school did not teach him saddle making, but it did teach him the basics, and leather carving. He learned his saddle making skills from several different saddle makers that were

Always Styling With A New 14" Crown C Barrel Racing Saddle!


Check this saddle out! I has all the bells and whistles that will make you stand out! You can for sure get matching tack and boots to go with it too! Here is the product information for this saddle:
Product Information

First Glance

Maker & Location: Martin Saddlery, Greenville, Texas
Finished Seat Size: 14"
Type of Saddle: Barrel Racing Saddle - Crown C
New or Used: New
Our Cond. Rating (1=poor, 10=new): 10
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