Martin Saddlery Revolutionizes The Barrel Racing Horse Industry With Their Saddles


All barrel saddles are made with a higher cantle that is supposed to sit you deep on your pockets to stabilize your seat, flexible fenders so that you can easily ride with your feet forward and swells made tall enough to grip between your legs. But what about those riders who want to ride with shorter stirrups and still have their feet out in front of them? The new FX3 Martin Saddlery Barrel Racer is designed to do just that. The new taller swells with prominent leg cuts, allows the rider to be positioned back and secure while keeping the knees forward.

Saddle Needs


Here at Coolhorse, we are sure that we can meet your saddle needs! If you don't see the perfect saddle for you in-store or online, a custom saddle can be made through Coolhorse by Scott Thomas Saddlery. Troy McDonald is the Coolhorse Saddle Manager and does a fantastic job making sure saddle customers, along with other customers, are taken care of! Troy has been with us since May of 2012 and is willing to help in any way.

New Circle Y Calf Roping Saddle


It's that time of year again!! We all would like a new saddle now and then. Check out our saddle inventory. We have saddles of all types and most seat sizes! One that is most definitely to catch a calf ropers eye is this 14" Circle Y Saddles Calf Roping saddle with floral tooling and a full padded brown bomber seat. This saddle is right on the price and a perfect fit for those out there looking to tie some calves down.

We are happy to help here at Coolhorse! Our Saddle Manager, Troy, will see that your needs are met to get the perfect saddle! 1-800-749-0522

What should I do with this damaged saddle horn?


We recently received this great question on one of our eBay listings:

Dear coolhorse04,

Would you need to re-build up the horn on this saddle if you wanted to actively rope (Heel?) . Just curious as to what would be needed to build up the horn. thanks!

eBay User

Our saddle expert, Troy McDonald, had this answer:


Parts Of A Western Saddle


There are many parts to a western saddle.Do you know all the parts of a western saddle? This is going to cover the parts of a western saddle very briefly. Lets start with the tree of the saddle, think of it as the frame. The tree will play into affect on the shape of the cantle and the seat of the saddle.The gullet width and angle of the bars on each saddle will be different. If a saddle has a wide gullet it is going to sit lower on a horse. A wider gullet will help if the horse does not have much wither or if they are thick across their top line.