Saddle Pads

Saddle Pad Types


Wow, with this many saddle pads to choose from, how do you ever narrow your selection down to just one? It's a hard task, but when it's time for a new pad, you've just got to do it. Here are some tips and guidelines to help you out.

When choosing a new saddle pad, you'll have to consider several things. Some examples of things to think about are your saddle size, saddle fit, the type and amount of riding that you do, and sometimes other special details.

Wonpads Are at Coolhorse


The Wonpads is a heavy duty pad that are popular for work or show. This pad conforms to the horses back which keeps it from sliding. The Wonpad helps absorb shock with the felt top and having the neoprene lining it promotes sweating as a lubrication of the horses back. The leather on the leather wears is top quality making the pad last longer. A nice feature to keep horses cool is the vents on the top allowing air to circulate freely over the horses back. Neoprene is very easy to clean, just use soap and water to clean the pad.