Saddle Pads

New Classic Equine ESP Wool Top Horse Saddle Pads At Coolhorse


Coolhorse has all new new Classic Equine Saddle Pads in stock ready for you! Everyone needs a new pad come spring time right? These pads are durable and long lasting with heavy 100% New Zealand wool and 1/2" memory foam with a felt bottom to helps absorb moisture. They have open cells that pulls the sweat from your horse.

The New BioFit Shim Saddle Pad from Classic Equine


Do you have a old horse or just a horse with high prominent withers? Or a horse that lacks muscle behind the shoulder blades or wither area? The Classic Equine BioFit Shim Saddle Pad could be the answer for you if you are having a hard time finding a pad that works for your horse and saddle.