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What rope do I need?

Rope Selection in the Coolhorse warehouse

With so many ropes to choose from, where do you begin? I can imagine that as a beginner roper the number of ropes available in today's selection could be quite overwhelming. We are often asked to help choose a rope, so we wanted to put together a few basic recommendations. If you have a more specific request the ropers here would love to help you choose a new one, but here are a few ideas to get you started.

Spydr5 ropes are on the way to us! Classic Ropes is now shipping Spydrs.

Can you keep a secret? The Spydr5 ropes are on the way to us now! If you need one, be sure to get your orders in. We will have Spydr head ropes available in XXS, XS, and Soft Lays. Spydr Heel Ropes will be available in both Medium Soft and Medium lays.