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2015 IFYR Team Coolhorse- Shawnee, OK

In 2014, Team Coolhorse was the IFYR champion. We had a very talented group of athletes. Not only did they represent Coolhorse with their athleticism but they showed top of the line class and sportsmanship. We couldn’t have asked for a better group of athletes to compete in Shawnee, OK wearing “Coolhorse” on their backs. This year rolled around and we had a huge debate whether or not to have a team. After consideration, we decided to put together a 2015 team. Many of last year’s team athletes are amongst us this year, plus a few new ones.

SoloShot2 Robotic Camera- Video You and Your Horse Unassisted

Horsemen everywhere - in every discipline - have learned the value of filming their rides. Video is almost an absolute necessity to sell a horse in today's market, but it can be used for so much more. Trainers can monitor a colt's progress. Barrel racers can see where to shave off those important fractions of a second. Reiners can see exactly what the judge sees. Ropers can watch every steer they turn. While I firmly believe the best view is the one between your horse's ears, sometimes that just can't tell you the full story.