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Why Grain Free Dog Food Can Be Healthier For Your Dog

Pet owners are starting to be more aware about what they are feeding to their beloved animal. They rarely actually know what they are getting and just buy the most expensive food they can find. Most dog foods contain fillers like grains or starches with little meat, but a dogs digestive system is really made for eating meat as they are carnivores. There are many benefits to feeding grain free dog food. The main benefit is that their diet will mimic their natural ancestral diet. The food will digest easily and result in a longer lasting functional digestive system.

Our Warehouse

When you think of a feed store warehouse you probably expect it to be a "warehouse"...right? Spic and Span here at Coolhorse and here is a picture to show the proof. From the time you enter the red front doors to the back overhead door you will notice the effort that is put in to keep our store top notch.

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