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As a horse owner, my personal goal is to care for my horse the best that I know how and to keep him as comfortable as I possibly can at all times. I like to start at the hoof… er… root… of the problem. Without a solid base, you simply can’t have a horse performing to the greatest of his abilities. Not only does keeping your horse sound save you money at the vet’s

Limited Edition Coral Southwest Legacy Boots

Limited edition coral print

Coming Soon - and for a very Limited Time!

Classic Equine is doing a limited production run of the best-selling Legacy boots in the fun and spicy coral southwest print. This coral southwest print sold out in record time in the bell boots so we know these boots will not last long! There are still some hay bags and accessories available if you want a few more pieces, but the bell boots are all but extinct. They will be arriving soon. If your horse needs to update her wardrobe with this extremely stylish footwear, don't miss out. When they are gone, they are gone forever.