Jr. Rodeo

Need more goat tying practice?

goat tying practice dummy

In all sports, especially rodeo, repetition is the key to success. Have you ever heard “Perfect practice makes perfect?” Obviously there is no substitution for roping a live steer or calf, or tying a live goat, but that option is not always available. There are a few new goat dummies out now that let you practice your flank and tie no matter what the weather is like outside. These dummies are lightweight and easy to pack up and take with you to the rodeos for a little extra tune-up before you compete.

About Goat Strings with Lynn Smith and Rattler Ropes


The Rattler girl's goat string line up has 4 options for tiers at different levels of competition. The Soft is great for novice goat tiers or kids learning to tie. For juniors the Soft Medium is a little bit snappier for a beginner ready to move up to a little stiffer string. Medium lay, also called original, has quite a bit of body and life. This medium is a firm string and will add speed to your ties. The Hard or Pro string.