Horse Health

Don't let these Horse Health Products Freeze!


With yet another freeze warning out for tonight, I feel compelled to issue my annual warning. Some horse health products will not survive being frozen! Specifically Lubrisyn, Vetericyn, and most de-wormers say not to allow them to freeze. Please be sure to take these items home and keep them safe and warm indoors. If they freeze, they will become ineffective and cease to benefit your horse.

Horse Paralysis and the Singletary Pea

Singletary Pea Seed Pod

The Singletary Pea is a plant commonly found in our Texas pasture lands. It can be found in the southern United States from New Mexico to the East Coast and along the West Coast in California and Oregon. This innocent appearing plant has a pink bloom and is in the legume family. Historically, this plant was introduced through use as a green manure and was even used as a cool season forage, but now we know better. While the plant's vegetation is innocuous, the seeds can pose a threat to livestock, and horses are especially susceptible.