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Vesicular Stomatitis In Horses In Texas Counties


If you haven't heard, there has been an outbreak of Vesicular Stomatitis in several Texas Counties. VS can affect horses, livestock, wildlife and even humans. This acute disease causes lesions to develop on the tongue, mouth lining, nose and lips. Some lesions may occur on the coronary bands, sheath or udder. One of the more obvious signs is drooling or frothing of the mouth post rupture of the lesion and weight-loss as eating may be excessively painful. VS usually persists for a near of two weeks but it may take as long as two months for the lesions to completely heal.

Advanced Cetyl M Joint Action Formula for Horses


We all have that one horse that was there in the beginning. That trusty go-to horse who babysat us all day. Whether we rode him as our granddad lead him behind his horse or fearlessly loped him across the pasture on our own, we grow up and our best friend gets a little older too. We all know senior horses can tend to be hard keepers. They loose teeth, their joints become creaky and still, and they just don't have as much get up as you remember.