Horse Health

Classic Equine by Ritchie Waterers


Automatic watering is at your fingertips! Have you checked into a horse waterer from Classic Equine by Ritchie? Classic Equine Water Systems are a long-term investment which will pay dividends. Your time spent watering horses and cleaning out troughs decreases dramatically. No more dumping and scrubbing stagnant water tanks or replacing leaky floats. In both hot and cold climates, you can have fresh, temperate, running water without the hassle at a fraction of the cost. These units are also backed by a full 10 year warranty, the best in the industry.

Using Cooler Sheets for Horses


Have you ever wondered how a polar fleece cooler works or when and why to use one? The way that coolers work is by using wicking materials designed to create an air space around your horse. As the body heat warms up the air space, this then draws the moisture away from the skin to the outer surface of the blanket. When the moisture is being pulled away for the hair, you’ll sometimes see droplets of water on the outside of the blanket.