Horse Health

Selenium Function in Horses


Kentucky Equine Research Staff

Selenium, an essential nutrient as well as an environmental toxicant, is best known as a component of the selenium-dependent enzyme glutathione peroxidase. As part of the cellular defense system, selenium, like vitamin E, functions much as a biological antioxidant, and indeed there are a number of deficiency symptoms of selenium that may be partially corrected by vitamin E and vice versa.



Cellie is the ultimate "Mom" at our place. We got Cellie about 2 years ago. She's proud, strong-willed Longhorn cow. She has one job on our place... to look pretty. I'm not sure why Matt and I thought we needed her. In fact, we've debated about whether or not to keep her, she's never served any real purpose out there that I could think of, until a few days ago. Here in the Texas Panhandle Fall rain is much needed but seldom received.